Company Overview AP Infotech

AP Infotech is just a brand is mainely Paritosh Software Pvt. Ltd. Company, Located at Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Paritosh Software

PARITOSH SOFTWARE founded by Mr. Paritosh Rajguru of Mandsaur for the common people to get in Touch of the Technology and to utilize the same in their Business. Paritosh Software, Mandsaur specializes in providing the entire range of services pertaining to the web that includes web-design, web development, web marketing (SEO) and web-hosting. We specialize in all of these areas with specialized teams working in each of these segments.

Paritosh Software, Mandsaur has a dedicated team of highly qualified software professionals working round the clock to bring quality products to our clients. We understand that the key to success is in having Domain Expertise in various fields of Business. From Finance, Insurance, Education, Manufacturing, Trading and Retail Industries we have a diverse experience in various lines of business. We have a well-trained team of certified professionals to offer outstanding solutions.

Our Motto

To Deliver the Right Solution at the Right Time at Right Price.

Customer Focus

Our goal is to satisfy our existing customers and to attract new customers by building and maintaining a reputation in the web based creative industry, as a company that offers cost-effective, high-quality solutions to varied clientele.
While most of our customers have needs that offer unique challenges, there are some characteristics common to all. Identifying these "universal" requirements and satisfying them in a timely and efficient manner is the cornerstone of maintaining our existing business relationships and building new ones. We have come to recognize that all customers, regardless of industry, are interested in these essentials: being listened to and understood, being shown respect, being kept informed, and in receiving superior value in the form of final product delivered on time at a fair price.
As said, "A true diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy", our focus lies on understanding in depth, the requirement of the customer before making any suggestion, and then coming out with a solution.


At Paritosh Software, we work hard to meet the highest standards – both in management and in engineering. Our focus on quality at every step coupled with skilled resource management ensures that your project remains solidly on track.


Paritosh Software, Mandsaur gives you instant access to a dynamic, scalable, dedicated and responsible development team - a team committed to meeting the highest standards, committed to delivering on promises, and committed to ensuring every project's success.

Latest in Web Design

Website Designing is an artistic work rather and we keep our skills updated. With the latest trends and techniques, we deliver you a website that truly represents your business on the Web.

Cost Effective Solutions

We are highly efficient, yet we are under your budget. We promise to deliver your project within your timeline. Our service ensures perfection with beauty.

Technology for Business

Our customized software solutions help your business grow hasslefree. We also ensure that you stay updated with your softwares using realtime notification services.