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SEO - Web Promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimazation)

We have a dedicated web marketing team that handles SEO for different websites. To handle a SEO project for your website we generally follow the following strategy:

  • Determine what specific keywords/phrases to be added to your site.
  • Modify the Content of all pages of your website (keeping the design unchanged) targeting specific keywords/phrases * so as to achieve better PR (Page Ranking). The content is proof read and copy edited for errors before final upload.
  • Design a "RESOURCE" page, which will be updated on a regular basis as soon as some new links are added into the page. The RESOURCE page will enable us to undertake link exchange programs with other sites, which helps in the overall PR (Page Ranking).
  • Start off the Optimisation program once the "RESOURCE" page is on the net. We normally take different methods (like reciprocal, one way submission, article submission, directory submission, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed) to get the site optimised. The process continues for a few months.
  • In each month, we will ensure a reasonable number of article links and directory + forum links. Forum posting is very much required for newer site in order to make it popular.
  • We will continuously participate in 3-5 forums at a time with the active link to the site. Choosing a forum with active link signature and constantly posting something over there will also give us stability.
  • If we can arrange some good back link page, we can procure more than 200 links (initially) per month. For that, we will create a blog for the site and then will use the blog to get more and more back links. The subject of the blog will remain in close proximity with the site. This will take around one month or so to establish.
    Once it is done, things will start working for us. We may have to create a separate blog for each KP. That blog will consist of the list of links which we'll be getting for that particular page. This way we'll force the Google boat or any SE boat to go to that particular page where our link already exists.
  • It may happen that in the very first month, most of the time will be spent on setting up the blog and trial our strategies but patience needs to be exercised in order to get good results.

To get a site optimised in GOOGLE or YAHOO or HOTBOT, we need to exchange links globally to achieve a higher PR (Page Ranking).
The number of back-linking and article one-way submissions are variables that once quantified will assist in knowing the Optimization cost. Generally for a site, which has zero PR (Page Ranking), an estimated 75-100 back-linking/month is required. This process should be continued to maintain a good PR. You will be able to see your results after the first 2-3 months of continuing this process. If you discontinue this process the ranking gradually drops again. All sites, which have an excellent PR, follow this process continuously for at least 8-10 months to 1 year.